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At Shaolin Kungfu Academy, we are committed to providing high quality instruction in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, QiGong, and Chinese kickboxing. Our goal is not only to teach an incredible and exciting martial art, but to help each student reach their highest potential.


You will receive a martial arts education, focused on tradition, conditioning, and self-defense. You will learn discipline, focus, and gain an improved level of fitness. You will learn kung fu forms that have been passed down through generations as part of a rich tradition of Chinese martial arts.

No matter what your current fitness level may be, a dedicated study of Shaolin Kung Fu will improve your endurance, strength, and overall health – mental and physical.

Interested? Come in to visit us and we can get you started!

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Phone: (510) 219-8627

Address: 4693 Mack Rd, Sacramento, CA 95823


Facebook: ShaolinTempleKungFuZenAcademy

Instagram: ShaolinTempleKungFuZenAcademy

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